The Complete Guide to Hiring Your First Employee in USA

May 9, 2015

You’ve decided to start your own business. Congratulations!

We know that starting a business is tough, and the paperwork around employee setup and registration isn’t much easier.

Every small business owner has to follow the same basic steps, especially when it comes to hiring their first employee. With this handy guide, you can grow your business without the stress of wondering if you’re following the proper procedures.

Download your complete guide to hiring your first employee in the United States to learn:

  1. The difference between employees and contractors

  2. How to register your company with the government

  3. How to register your employees for payroll

  4. What workers’ compensation is and how you can determine your state’s policy

  5. The pros and cons of four common health care options

  6. The different taxes and payouts you have to make when running payroll

Reading time: [16 minutes]

Get your free Guide to Hiring Your First Employee today to ensure your business is registered, compliant and ready for your first employee.