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Wagepoint @Wagepoint
@mooredetails @Gnarlybook @helm_twyla If you're able to join us, we'd love to hear your insights. #sharingiscaring
9:02 AM - 19 Nov 19
Twyla Verhelst Twyla Verhelst @TwylaVerhelst

@Wagepoint @mooredetails @Gnarlybook I’ll tune in Thursday and can be used as the example of what not to do! 😁

9:27 AM - 19 Nov 19
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Rachel Fisch, CPB
Rachel Fisch, CPB

What a great way to start the day! Thanks for the coffee fellas!

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Twyla Verhelst
Twyla Verhelst

@mooredetails @Wagepoint @Gnarlybook I probably should have listened to this last year when I decided to (a...