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Marnie Stretch🛵
Marnie Stretch🛵 @MarnieStretch
@Wagepoint Falling asleep I usually have monkey brain! 🐵 But half awake, oh yeah! I never write anything down beca…
10:02 AM - 17 May 19
Twyla Verhelst Twyla Verhelst @helm_twyla

@MarnieStretch @Wagepoint This is SO me too! I have all of these ideas that seem crazy brilliant but I'm not coherent enough to write them down or remember them. How can I be in that 'ideal state' all day long at the office?? 🤔

10:19 AM - 17 May 19
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Thanks @Wagepoint!! So glad to be partnered with you - You Rock!! #payroll #Amazing #partner

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