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Q2 What were the major trends that led the startup scene this year? What were some tech/ innovation that prospered?…
12:10 PM - 19 Dec 18
Susan Watkin MI, BSc Susan Watkin MI, BSc @WatkinSBS

@Startup_Canada @MastercardCA A2: We really saw a ton of APP integration improvements, geared to the start-ups/sm biz, really what they want - ability to operate business no matter where they are. APP companies are listening to help small biz, like @QuickBooksCA @ReceiptBank @Wagepoint @tsheets #startupchats

12:14 PM - 19 Dec 18
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Susan Watkin MI, BSc

@Wagepoint You absolutely are! No need for them or their accounting pro to go it alone! #SmallBusiness

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.@shradr shares a few tips by telling us what he got right since launching @Wagepoint here: