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Wagepoint @Wagepoint
@NoraJKS @wittster @heymosef @sthursby @BrightplusEarly @NoraJKS @lauraemokes Nora and Laura — we adore-a yous! 🥰💕…
9:16 PM - 19 Oct 21
Stuart Thursby Stuart Thursby @sthursby

@Wagepoint @NoraJKS @wittster @heymosef @BrightplusEarly @lauraemokes Oh my, “Nora and Laura, we adore-a yous” just captured my copywriting heart ❤️

9:52 PM - 19 Oct 21
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@sthursby @Wagepoint @NoraJKS @wittster @heymosef @BrightplusEarly Wasn't it just the cutest? 🥺

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Erin Bury

@wittster @heymosef @NoraJKS @sthursby Popping in to second @Wagepoint! I've used them for years. Great cus...