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Greg Caplan
Greg Caplan @gdcaplan
Who are the best remote / distributed founders? πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Organizing a panel and looking for new voices
12:10 PM - 20 Jul 20
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@gdcaplan Some orgs/people you should consider: @myMeetFox @helpscout (@nickfrancis) @YacChat (@huntermoonshot, @jmitch, @jordanlwalkerrr) @HelpJuice (@emilhajric) @stefanpalios @wagepoint (@shradr)

2:27 PM - 20 Jul 20
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Need a payroll solution for a company under 10 employees. What do you recommend?

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A6 Some tools include: @ADP, @Paychex @gustohq @gethumi @wagepoint #StartupChats