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Jennifer Bauldic CPB
Jennifer Bauldic CPB @jenniferbauldic
From pencil (on right) to little green sprout. @Wagepoint helps you grow. Thanks @RickQuinn3 #IPBCignite #Payroll…
4:35 PM - 22 Sep 19
shrad shrad @shradr

@jenniferbauldic @Wagepoint @RickQuinn3 @jenniferbauldic I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see the little sprout. Knowing that our swag isn’t contributing to global waste and instead is a little reminder of how we can help people reduce their paper/ paperwork by automating payroll in the cloud brings me joy 🙂

4:20 AM - 25 Sep 19
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Twyla Verhelst
Twyla Verhelst

Definitely a highlight of my day at @ElevateTechFest today... the words of advice from @GuyKawasaki #DoWhat...

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