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Monica I. 🖇🇨🇦
Monica I. 🖇🇨🇦 @Macgyyver
At @cafehaven for Sue Morter’s bookeeping/small business presentation. Man, I forget about how many automation, te…
9:20 PM - 5 Apr 19
New Music Michael New Music Michael @newmusicmichael

@Macgyyver @cafehaven @Xero @Square @vendhq @Wagepoint I’ve heard great things about @Xero we’re considering switching to it for our not for profit.

6:57 PM - 6 Apr 19
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Monica I. ???
Monica I. ???

@newmusicmichael @cafehaven @Xero @Square @vendhq @Wagepoint Did you know you can vote in advanced polls at...

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Suzanne Morter

A really great, keen and engaged group last night! Loved all the questions! Thanks for coming out and supp...