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Kelvin Gieck
Kelvin Gieck @helm_kelvin
@mooredetails @bmoore77 @helm_twyla @helmcashflow Looks like some sinister laughs were had behind those papers...
10:51 PM - 18 Dec 19
Jennie Moore Jennie Moore @mooredetails

@helm_kelvin @bmoore77 @helm_twyla @helmcashflow There sure was some laughing @helm_kelvin .... the trick was keeping the video under 5 minutes!

8:57 AM - 19 Dec 19
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Dawne Leaney Davidson 🇨🇦🏖
Dawne Leaney Davidson 🇨🇦🏖

This is a special podcast episode for any of my fellow grammarians. Malcolm Gladwell is always amazing but ...

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