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Wagepoint @Wagepoint
Yes @RickQuinn3, you totally nailed it. Please bring Alex back alive.🏜 🚁 😂 (They went on a hike of the Grand Canyon…
1:11 PM - 30 Sep 19

@Wagepoint @RickQuinn3 I did not know that "Nailing it" included a month full of sand. All kidding aside, great back flip on soft sand. #guts #sandasanexfoliant 🤸‍♀️

1:42 PM - 2 Oct 19
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Rachel Fisch, CPB

One of the best parts about a national tour? Meeting up with awesome @SagePartners along the way! #Accounti...

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The environmental impact of conferences crushes my soul. From the air-travel to get there, to ALL the plast...