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Jesse Westfall 🌥🌨
Jesse Westfall 🌥🌨 @JesseLebert
@BridgieCasey Is there software you're using to automate your payroll and pay taxes, EI, etc or are you just settin…
3:28 PM - 7 Feb 20
Bridget Casey Bridget Casey @BridgieCasey

@JesseLebert I'm using @Wagepoint! Have for years and they're awesome =)

3:29 PM - 7 Feb 20
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the first noelle 🌟

@BridgieCasey @JesseLebert @Wagepoint can second wagepoint! loved them when i was running a small business.

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#TaxSeason is here! And while this time of year can be stressful 😅 for most of us, Charlie has some tips to...