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Sandi Leyva
Sandi Leyva @SandiLeyva
@blueprintbrian @cbriancpa @zapier @JStaatsCPA @airtable Why not just use a payroll system that tracks it? @GustoHQ…
12:31 AM - 4 Jan 22
Brian Clare Brian Clare @blueprintbrian

@SandiLeyva @cbriancpa @zapier @JStaatsCPA @airtable @GustoHQ We don’t have Gusto in Canada. But yeah there are lots that do it. We’re on @Wagepoint but it only tracks $ unless we use their Track software. Building it is more fun anyways 😜

11:28 AM - 4 Jan 22
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@blueprintbrian @SandiLeyva @cbriancpa @zapier @JStaatsCPA @airtable @GustoHQ @Wagepoint I have had a few c...

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