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Pros & Cons of Hiring Contractors (2/2) PROS CONS It can be easier for companies to find specialist skills at a more cost effective price from contractors than employees, especially if that contractor is not needed at a comparable rate to full time hours. Clients don't have control over the sourcing of skills. Contractors need to look for clients, which means they may contact one or your potential clients or competition when services aren't needed and vica versa - a contractor can't always take onboard new clients due to capacity limitations. The relationship can expand and contract depending on the needs of the client, and contractors can subcontract out other aspects of work, thus making it easier for the client to receive a wider range of services while only doing so through a single provider. Additionally, both parties are free to cancel the working relationship, depending on the terms of the contract. It's not always possible to have deliverables completed exactly on the client's timescale as a contractor will have other clients (otherwise they are actually an employee) and is therefore free to set their own working schedule - within reason. Deeper Dive on Contractors | Pg. 13

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