Getting Started With Small Business Payroll — 7 Simple Steps

February 15, 2017 Michelle Mire

​Whether you've just hired your first employee or simply want a few tips to ensure that you're checking every box, our guest post "7 Steps to Payroll Success" at the Jobber Academy will help walk you through:

  • Knowing the difference between a employee and a contractor. 
  • Registering your business for payroll in Canada and the United States.
  • Getting the right employee information. 
  • Determining payroll frequency.
  • Why you should have a business banking account. 
  • Understanding payroll taxes. 
  • When to consider payroll software. 
  • Where to look for more help. 

Read the article here and learn more about Jobber (@GetJobber) and how they help mobile service businesses save hours each day. 

Related: Follow a fun infographic to see if you're ready for payroll software. 

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Michelle Mire

Content guru and marketing co-conspirator at Wagepoint, Michelle is a professional writer with agency and corporate experience who is now diving into payroll. When away from the keyboard she spends time hiding chocolate from her children and attempting to escape for a morning run (to work off the chocolate).

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