Small Business Tips — What to Love and What to Leave

December 22, 2016 Michelle Mire

There's a way to summarize how we all feel about all the opinions on how you should run your business...

But, there is good advice out there. It's just justs lost in the clutter. For some words of wisdom worth considering, see our guest post "The Best Small Business Advice to Actually Follow" on the ConnectCPA blog

Canadian small businesses and startups who want to work with a team of people who really care, instead of a hoard of number-crunching robots, should learn more about ConnectCPA

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Content guru and marketing co-conspirator at Wagepoint, Michelle is a professional writer with agency and corporate experience who is now diving into payroll. When away from the keyboard she spends time hiding chocolate from her children and attempting to escape for a morning run (to work off the chocolate).

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