Winning Year-End: A Wagepoint Partner’s Guide for 2021 [Webinar Recap]

November 18, 2021 Laura A. Barton

Download the Year-End Payroll Checklist

Let's envision what winning year-end looks like. You have a clear path to success, you check item after item off your list with ease and get through it without any tears — unless they're happy tears. Those we totally encourage.

We hosted a webinar for our Wagepoint Partners to give you the tools to have a successful year-end so that after all is said and done, you can feel like you've won first prize. You're welcome to watch the webinar recording above or keep reading for a recap of what Wagepoint Product Marketing Specialist, Ryan MacDougall, and Community Manager, Bianca Mueller, covered.

Dates and timelines for processing payroll and filing remittances.

If there's one thing to be mindful of during year-end, it's important dates and timelines. (That's technically two things, but you get it.) Important dates apply to many things, such as when to process your last payroll for it to be considered as a part of the 2021 year, filing dates for year-end payroll reporting and so on.

Here are a few blogs that can help with keeping on top of your timelines and important dates:

Review your T4s, T4As and RL-1s with this NEW Wagepoint report.

Wagepoint's new T4/T4A/RL-1 Data Export report gives you the chance to review your year-end payroll forms before they go to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec (RQ). When you export this report, Wagepoint gives you a .CSV file that breaks down each box on the form so you can review the data to make sure there are no errors. Pretty cool, right?

For a demonstration of where to find this report and how it looks, head to timestamp 20:05 of the webinar recording above.

Daily T4, T4A and RL-1 submissions through Wagepoint.

Here's something else new for this year-end and tax season! In the past, when you wanted to submit your T4s, T4As and RL-1s before the deadline, it meant clicking a specific Submit Early button.

During the January 1 to February 22, 2022 review period, all you need to do is click the Submit button. This is a super easy way to let us know that you're ready to send the forms off to the CRA or RQ. Wagepoint will be handling these submissions on a daily basis, so you can be sure that your forms will be on their way within one day.

Note: If you don't want to submit early, that's okay! You can still count on Auto-submit tax forms 'YES' toggle to do its job.

Payroll year-end checklist.

Who doesn't love a good checklist? Unsurprisingly, there's psychology behind why we love checklists and to-do lists, and here are a few of those reasons.

  • They reduce our anxiety over tasks that need to be done.
  • They help us focus in on the tasks that need doing.
  • They're a visual reference of what we've accomplished.

Raise your hand if these resonate with you. 🙋 

Once again, here's the checklist you can use to stay organized and on-task during your year-end process.

Download the Year-End Payroll Checklist

Year-End Survival KITs for you and your clients.

Year-end can be a stressful time for you and your clients, but with a Wagepoint Year-End Survival KIT, it doesn't have to be. This webinar is actually part of our Survival KIT for accounting partners, so you've already got a taste of what they're packed with.

There's a lot more good stuff already in there and more on its way throughout the year-end season, too. Here's a KIT for you and one for your clients.

Need an extra hand? We're here to help.

Don't stress if you get stuck with something. If you need help with year-end in Wagepoint, we're here for you. Contact Wagepoint's Customer Support by submitting a ticket directly within the app, or sending us an email at

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