Canadian Infographic: When Do I Need to Pay Overtime?

Employers are expected to pay overtime to employees who work above and beyond the legal maximum workweek or workday hours.

That may sound simple enough, but in Canada the overtime rate kicks in at a different time depending on which province your employee worked from. To complicate matters further, the overtime pay rate also changes by province.

For example, in the province of Ontario, overtime pay rate is 1.5 times the regular wage issued after qualifying employees have worked past the threshold of 44 hours per week.

Remember, it’s an employer’s responsibility to pay overtime if an employee works more than the established amount of hours, according to the employment standards legislation.

So how exactly does overtime work in Canada? If you want all of that simplified, we’ve got you covered.

Use this helpful Infographic to get a better understanding of how overtime pay works in Canada. You’ll also be able to spot which provincial legislation your company needs to follow.

Overtime in Canada Inforgraphic

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