Your Year-End Survival KIT Is Here

November 8, 2021 Laura A. Barton

Notice how KIT is in all caps? Our caps lock key didn't get stuck. That was on purpose. 

KIT stands for Keep It Together — we're talking about your payroll, your marbles and your spirit. 

We understand year-end can be a stressful time of the year for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers, so we're here to support you on the payroll side of things while also sprinkling in a little cheer and tips for surviving. And thus, your Year-End Survival KIT!

Breaking down the Year-End Survival KIT.

We're keeping it simple — we’ve created three year-end essentials kits. One for:

Each KIT has an array of goodies to make surviving year-end actually feel less like struggling to keep on top of your workload and more like kicking butt. There's even room for some fun along the way. From guides on mental wellness and year-end forms like Canada's T4s to payroll calendars and payroll playlists 🎧,  you'll be well on your way to a successful year-end season.

We encourage you to bookmark the KIT you need so that you're just a click away from it. Or you can easily access these from the Wagepoint blog. Just take a peek up at the top and you'll see Year-End Survival KIT. Hover over that, et voilà! All of the KITs can be found here.

Keep checking back for timely year-end information.

If you've already run over to the various KIT pages, you'll see we've got blogs, checklists and other useful tools. There are even fun items in there too! (If you didn't spot them, go take a closer look! 😉)

And we're just getting started. Rather than throwing all the information at you at once, we thought more bite-sized packaging would be easier to consume and digest. Kind of like the way bite-sized snacks just seem to disappear super quickly. (Seriously, we don't know why the bowl is empty already.)

Our Year-End Survival KITs will be updated throughout the year-end season with the information you need to know in November, December and beyond, so regularly check back for new and timely tools. 🛠️

Are you ready to keep it together with your Wagepoint Year-End Survival KIT? Great, let's get the show on the road! 

From the entire team at Wagepoint, we wish you all a smooth and successful year-end!

About the Author

Laura A. Barton

Laura is a Content Specialist with Wagepoint who has a passion for telling stories in both the fiction and non-fiction realms. She loves narratives that explore human nature and has a particular interest in mental health. Although writing takes up a good chunk of her time, she can otherwise be found immersing herself in social media, reading, or binge-watching videos online.

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