Wagepoint on Cloudswave's 2016 List of Best Online Payroll Software

February 2, 2016 Jordan Nottrodt

Best Online Payroll Software

We are delighted to announce our spot on Cloudswave’s 2016 Award List for Best Online Payroll Software. This means we’ve placed among the top three businesses for payroll software.

We are currently in second with a 100% favorable score among Cloudwave's 2016 list of best payroll software companies.

The Cloudswave Awards rank the top 10 business applications in specific industries based on their Cloudswave Score.

A company’s Cloudswave Score is an average rating of multiple critic reviews. It is a weighted average, which means the score factors in the importance of each review. This means that the most recent reviews are given more weight and consideration than older ones.

Wagepoint’s current score is 88! We’re very proud of this achievement and thank all of our tough critics for rating Wagepoint’s payroll software so highly.

Keep those reviews coming because we’re working our way to the number one spot for 2017.

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