Wagepoint Product Updates (CA & US) April 2018

April 10, 2018 Leena Thampan

It’s the new year! At Wagepoint we’re ramping up fast to bring you some new and exciting upgrades. Keep reading to find out what’s new in the app and stay in the loop on what's coming down the pipeline.


General Updates


CSV import

  • Fixed the CSV import to populate hours for all employees and display messaging for employees with errors — preventing their data from being incorrectly imported into the hourly timesheet.
  • Added general holiday pay income code to the CSV import file.

Deduction register report

New report that shows current and YTD deductions for employee and employer amounts for a selected cycle. Employers can run the report based off paygroup, cycle end date and include one or multiple employees and deduction types.


Employee details report

Updated to include current vacation balances for all employees who accrue vacation.


Payroll by cycle report

Updated to include employer and employee deduction amounts.


Compensation history

The employee’s Job tab has been updated to include a link that outlines the compensation history for each job associated with an employee, including job titles and departments, if enabled at the company level.


Payroll approval and finalization emails

Employers are notified after a payroll has been approved. A separate email is sent after the payroll has been finalized and when reports are available to review.


Missed payroll email

Employers are notified two days after a missed pay date if payroll has not been approved.


Wagepoint Canada


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Administrators can now set up 2FA on their accounts for an extra layer of security.

Learn more.


Print paper cheques

You may now print cheques for employees who are not set up for direct deposit.

Learn more.


Workers’ compensation report

Fixed a bug that was not displaying gross earnings when provincial WCB rate was not linked properly.


Remittance report

The gross wages column has been updated to only include gross earnings for employees, while excluding contractors.


Wagepoint United States


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Administrators can now set up 2FA on their accounts for added protection and security.

Learn more.


Print paper checks

If you have employees or contractors who are not set up to receive their net pay via direct deposit, you can now print checks right from the deposit summary report.

Learn more.


Pre-payroll register report

Displays the descriptions of federal and state taxes.


Retirement deductions, pensions and profit sharing

Fixed a bug that miscalculated the deduction totals for retirement deductions, pensions, and profit sharing when set at a percentage of pre-tax gross wages.




Overtime rule change for Alberta

We’ve updated the overtime setup for Alberta to allow for the new 8/44 rule.  


New functionality for Timesheet

Record hours on the Timesheet page without having to reload the page each time. When you adjust the time for multiple days, it's as simple as entering the hours worked and using the Tab key to move to the next field.


Weekly totals report

A new report that shows the daily and weekly totals for a company in a single view vs. reviewing each employee’s time card.


Clock out window extended

Users can now clock out up to 10 hours after clocking in, before it converts to a missed punch.




Vacation history report

Displays each individual employees’ vacation history.


Sub-company support

Managers from a parent company can review and approve leave for a child company.


Paid time off (PTO) plans — customized views

Updated settings to let employers determine which PTO requests can be seen by employees in the calendar view.


Requesting and approving time off

Supervisors can only approve or deny time off requests for employees directly assigned to them.


Year-end balance report for trackable plans

A new report that displays the current balance year-to-date for trackable PTO plans.


Accrual details report

A new report that lets employers select a period and see all of the plans and accrual details by employee.


PTO tracking report

New report that lets employers select a plan and see all of the requests and hours per employee.


Upcoming Releases


Payroll processing redesign – Estimated release end of Q2 / early Q3 2018


Processing your payroll in Wagepoint is going to get a lot easier. We are redesigning the entire payroll process and some of the exciting new changes include:

  • Improved date validation and messaging to communicate processing timelines clearly.
  • The ability to enter regular hours, overtime hours and double overtime hours for both salaried and hourly employees or contractors.
  • The ability to adjust direct deposit and tax settings for every payroll.
  • Advanced data entry view for large companies entering hours and earnings.
  • Clearer, more transparent pre-payroll reporting for a more comprehensive recap of each payroll.

Electronic Records of Employment (ROEs) – Estimated release Q2 2018, Wagepoint Canada


Generate ROEs right in the app, whether you are terminating an employee or changing payroll frequencies. ROEs will be submitted via a bulk upload process daily and you will be notified through in-app status messages.


Provincial statutory holiday calculator – Estimated release end of Q2 / early Q3 2018, Wagepoint Canada


Wagepoint currently uses the federal formula (i.e. 1/20th of eligible earnings for past four weeks) to calculate general holiday pay for hourly employees.


With the new statutory holiday calculator, you will be able to calculate statutory holiday pay using the rules that apply to your province specifically by inputting the hours and/or days worked for the period leading right up the holiday.


P.S. Wagepoint customers — we are always looking for folks who want to share their thoughts on our designs and product features. Leave a comment below if you’d like to be on the list to sneak peek our releases before anyone else :)


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