Onboarding And Supporting Clients In Wagepoint [Webinar Recap]

April 21, 2021 Mel Ly

A few Wagepoint accounting and bookkeeping partners asked us about client onboarding best practices in Wagepoint— so we hosted a webinar to help with how they can better onboard and support their clients.

If you missed our webinar, don't worry! Read on or play the video below to learn how to successfully onboard your clients with payroll from Wagepoint. The video also includes a demonstration to walk through the client onboarding process and a Q&A session.

 If you need more information about onboarding clients in Wagepoint, please don't hesitate to reach out to partner@wagepoint.com.

Different ways you can onboard a client in Wagepoint.

When it comes to onboarding new clients in Wagepoint, there are different considerations for each type of business engagement.

Onboarding a startup business:

With startup businesses, engagement will be brand new and you can onboard them from scratch. This process is straightforward and if you ever require support, Wagepoint's Onboarding Team is always here to help.

Onboarding an existing business:

If you're onboarding an existing client with Wagepoint, they'll either be a brand new Wagepoint account or they may already have an existing payroll account in Wagepoint.

Variables to consider while onboarding a brand new Wagepoint account:

  • ​Ensure the previous payroll practitioner issued records of employment (ROEs) for all employees. (This is especially important if you're switching payroll providers.)​​
  • Ensure all year-to-dates (YTDs) are accurate.
  • Ensure all employee contact information is up-to-date.

Learn how to Switch Payroll Providers in 5 steps!

Variables to consider while onboarding an existing Wagepoint account:

  • ​Ensure there was a proper disengagement from the previous payroll practitioner.​​
  • Ensure all employee year-to-dates (YTDs) are accurate.
  • Review admin and user account access to Wagepoint.

 Our Onboarding team is always here to help. If you need extra support with onboarding clients in Wagepoint, please don't hesitate to contact partner@wagepoint.com.

Wagepoint Partner Program news and updates.

We're committed to enhancing our partners' experience with Wagepoint. As a partner, here's what you can expect from us in terms of support and engagement:

  • Ongoing educational sessions — We'll be offering ongoing educational sessions throughout the year with a mix of webinars and collaborations with some of our valuable industry influencers.
  • Community advocacy and support — You'll continue to receive community advocacy and support.
  • Product updates and industry insights — We'll send product updates and industry insights directly to your inbox.
  • Partner feature and spotlight opportunities — We'll be offering partner feature and spotlight opportunities to help you grow your practice.
  • Special event nights — We also have some fun special event nights planned for accounting and bookkeeping partners post-tax season.

Additional resources coming soon for Wagepoint Partners.

We also have exciting projects in the pipeline — here are a few things you can look out for in the next while:

  • Demo videos and product snippets — Our team is working to create demo videos and product snippets so you can have on-demand training videos for you and your team.

  • Partner marketing tool kits — We're putting together partner marketing tool kits so you can communicate our brand more effectively with your clients.

  • Partner certification updates — We're enhancing our Partner Certification Program to ensure that our partners are equipped with the right knowledge.

  • Technology partner and association discounts — We've also been extending our relationship opportunities with industry technology partners and associations, so we can offer those discounts to our partners. 

​Save the date: October 6, 2021 — Inaugural Wagepoint Payroll Summit — We're excited to announce that Wagepoint will be hosting our Virtual Inaugural Wagepoint Payroll Summit in October! More details to come.

Interested in the Wagepoint Partner Program?

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The advice we share on our blog is intended to be informational. It does not replace the expertise of accredited business professionals. Wagepoint assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document. To qualify for complimentary T4s with Wagepoint, a business must run a minimum of two payrolls in the current calendar year.

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