Determining Your Payroll Dates — What You Need to Know

December 7, 2016 Michelle Mire

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly? That is the question. 

Whether you already have a schedule in place, are looking to change the timing of employee paychecks or just getting started this guest post on the Fundbox blog will help you learn more about each option.

Read the article: Choosing a Payroll Schedule in 5 Easy Steps 

Discover the five steps to determining which payroll frequency to follow and check out a clever infographic that gives you a quick recap of each of the four most popular schedule options. 

You'll also uncover the benefits of payroll software and why it makes this entire process so much easier. 

To find out more about simple ways to fix your cash flow by advancing payments for outstanding invoices, visit the Fundbox website

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Michelle Mire

Blogmaster, content creator and inbound marketing guru at Wagepoint, Michelle enjoys simplifying complex payroll topics and generating articles with actionable advice for small businesses and startups. When not at the keyboard, she enjoys chocolate, running and quality television (not always in that order).

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