Bringing Who You Are To Your Workplace [Wagepoint Community Manager, Bianca Mueller Interview]

September 15, 2022 Laura A. Barton

Did you know that Wagepoint Community Manager, Bianca Mueller, used to be known as Bianca the Boxing Bookkeeper? It's true!

Who she is outside of work plays just as much of a role as who she is as an employee, she tells John Garrett of the What's Your And? podcast.

The podcast sets out to discuss who we are as people outside of our places of employment and our jobs, and how those things can interconnect with who we are in the workplace as well. As John mentions in his chat with Bianca, the human part of who we are tends to get put on the back burner when life things, like work, come up, but then later we tend to crave those things again.

For Bianca, however, she says she brings who she is to everything she does. Whether it's martial arts, boxing, bookkeeping or nurturing the Wagepoint Partner community, she is who she is.

"I put in all the work and I work full speed ahead at everything I do all the time. […] I literally attribute that exact skill from my martial arts to work. It's still how I function and there's always a result, a process. I push myself every day to my limit."

— Bianca Mueller, Community Manager, Wagepoint

That's just how she rolls, she says, and she loves that Wagepoint's culture gives her the space to do so.

What you'll hear in this podcast:

  • Bianca's journey in martial arts and boxing
  • How martial arts keeps her focused on the job
  • Wagepoint culture and being who you are

🎙️ Listen to the full episode of What's Your And? đźŽ™ď¸Ź

Hear more from the Wagepoint team.

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